Harry Potter – storm and stress

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (#6)Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) has grown up a great deal in the last few years. Since he first stepped into the Great Hall at Hogwarts School, his wide-eyed wonder and innocence has been ripped away. He has faced the harsh realities of a world in which evil is finding new strength, and is focusing that strength on destroying him. The difficulties Harry experienced living with the Dursley family are nothing compared to the dangers, anguish and loss he has endured since. His friends have stuck by him throughout, Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emily Watson) remaining fiercely loyal despite their disagreements. The three of them have learned more about the world than they cared to, and have developed skills which have been tested in the most extreme circumstances.

Harry has also grown tremendously as a result of being mentored by the greatest wizard of the age, Professor Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon). It’s a wonderful relationship. As well as giving him wise advice, the old man’s trust in Harry gives him confidence to act courageously and to lead others. It empowers Harry to fulfil his potential. The protectiveness which the Order of the Phoenix members feel for the young wizard means that Harry is in the fortunate position of having a group of good adult friends, who are totally committed to his safety and well-being.

Storm clouds continually loom over this film, both literally and figuratively. The wizarding world, which at our first encounter seemed so exciting and vivid, is dark, grey and forbidding. So many scenes are gloomily monochrome that the few bright ones come as welcome relief. Many of these concern the adolescent romantic turmoil of Harry and his friends. Harry is beginning to see Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) in a new way, but she’s going out with Dean Thomas; Hermione, somewhat perplexingly, has developed a bit of a thing for Ron, but he’s entangled with Lavender Brown (Jessie Cave). The combination of raging hormones and a powerful love-potion ending up in the wrong stomach provides much-needed humour to lighten the chilling central plot line. But there is perhaps a little too much of it, resulting in a somewhat uneven, episodic feel, although it will appeal to the teenage target market as much as the rest.

The darkness keeps reminding viewers of the pervading sense of menace facing the wizarding world, caused by the resurgence of the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. Harry’s life is in particular danger from Voldemort, but everything good is under threat from this unspeakable evil. Liberty is curtailed, security is fragile and trust is ebbing away. Those who stand up for virtue, truth and freedom – in particular, members of the Order of the Phoenix – endure the destruction of their homes, physical attacks and even death.

Nevertheless, Dumbledore and his allies are resolute in their determination to fight evil, whatever the personal cost. They are all grimly aware of the risks, but the peril is such that there can be no triumph without great sacrifice. Their courage in resisting evil, and their willingness to lose their lives for their friends are inspiring. We live in a society in which it has been rare for many years to be in such extreme circumstances. Members of the armed forces face them, of course, but the situation in the wizarding world is much more like that faced by Christian communities in several places around the world where churches and homes have been destroyed and thousands of Christians have been killed in recent years – all without the western news media paying much attention.

As the odds they face seem increasingly insurmountable, Dumbledore in particular is driven on by a deep conviction that good will ultimately triumph over evil. This assurance springs from a belief that, as in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, there is a deeper, good magic that powers of evil cannot comprehend or conquer. Harry was saved from Voldemort’s attempt to kill him by his mother’s self-sacrifice for him, and sacrifice will eventually be what brings about the Dark Lord’s destruction. Meanwhile, Harry and his friends are driven on by the certainty that goodness and truth and freedom are so overwhelmingly important that personal comfort, even life itself are worth expending in order to achieve them.

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Violentele in China continua intre gurparile religioase – Atentie imagini socante!

150 de persoane au murit si alte 1000 sunt ranite datorita incidentele ce au avut loc la inceputul acestei saptamani (Marti) in provincia `Xinjiang`. Stirea a fost foarte putin mediatizata. Presedintele Chinez a fost nevoit sa se intoarca in Tara sa, lasand in urma intalnirea celor mai puternice state care incepusera G8-ul in Italia.

Atentie, imaginile de mai jos sunt socante.

Biserica in rolul de politist?

O Biserica din America au luat in serios slujba acestora pana acolo incat au inceput sa aresteze infractorii strazilor. In video-clipul de mai jos activitatea acestora a ajuns sa fie mediatizata in America atunci cand membrii unei biserici unitariene au prins un hot care fura obiecte din masinile cetatenilor locali. Credinta la lucru, spun ei, ca este motul acestei initiative.

Dumnezeu daruieste celui care se daruieste – Interviu cu Acad. Ovidiu Bojor

“Imparat” al plantelor romanesti, pe care le iubeste si le studiaza de o viata, le-a deslusit taina ca nimeni altul, transformandu-le in izvoare de sanatate. Are 83 de ani, este farmacist si academician de renume si locuieste la ultimul etaj al unei case, adica, asa cum el insusi spune, “mai aproape de cer”. In salonasul cu lumina galbuie, printre plante si carti, am povestit pana tarziu despre lucrurile importante in viata

“Natura e Dumnezeu. Il poti gasi cu mintea,
cu sufletul, cu simturile…”

– Sunteti cunoscut si apreciat ca un biolog de exceptie, numarul unu al fitoterapeuticii romanesti. Cum se naste, in viata unui om, o pasiune asa de devoratoare pentru lumea plantelor?

– Tatal meu, profesor de stiinte naturale la Targu-Mures, m-a invatat primele lucruri despre plante, roci si mici vietuitoare. De la el mostenesc si placerea de a umbla pe munti. Pe la 14 ani, am intrat insa in conflict cu tata, care era darwinist convins, in timp ce eu imbratisam teoria creationista. Asa ca am scris un articol intr-o revista de stiinte naturale in care il combateam pe Darwin, care a impartit tot ceea ce este viu in doua regnuri: regnul vegetal si regnul animal. In regnul animal el a inclus si omul. Argumentul cu care il combateam era ca nici o fiinta vie de pe acest pamant, cu exceptia omului, nu a fost creata dupa chipul si asemanarea lui Dumnezeu. Oamenii au fost inzestrati de Creator cu o putere launtrica extraordinara, cu o scanteie de divinitate, cu puterea de a iubi neconditionat. Pana la urma, tatal meu mi-a dat dreptate…
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Ahmadinejad il avertizeaza pe Obama "sa nu se bage" in treburile Iranului

Presedintele iranian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad i-a cerut joi presedintelui american Barack Obama sa inceteze sa se mai amestece in treburile Iranului. “Sper sa evitati sa va mai bagati in afacerile Iranului si sa va declarati regretul, astfel incat poporul iranian sa fie informat”, a declarat Ahmadinejad, potrivit agentiei de presa Fars, citata de AFP.

Liderul de la Teheran, a carui realegere la presedintie este contestata de principalul sau contracandidat Hossein Moussavi, a intarit atacul, avertizand ca limbajul folosit de Obama aminteste de epoca predecesorului sau, George W. Bush, si ca presedintele de la Casa Alba risca sa arunce in aer dialogul dintre cele doua state. “Veti folosi acest limbaj cu Iranul? Daca este asa, nu va mai fi nimic de discutat. Credeti ca un astfel de comportament va rezolva problema?”, a continuat Ahmadinejad.

Dupa alegere, Barack Obama si-a declarat in repetate randuri dorinta de a dialoga cu autoritatile iraniene fara sa puna regimul de la Teheran la zid; o promisiune care cantareste cu atat mai mult cu cat cele doua state au inchis orice colaborare diplomatica din 1979. Marti, liderul de la Casa Alba a inasprit, insa, tonul acuzatiilor fata de situatia de la Teheran, condamnand represiunea revoltelor ce au avut loc dupa alegeri si respingand acuzatiile privind ingerinta in problemele iraniene.

Presedintele american nu s-a ferit sa declare si ca realegerea lui Ahmadinejad ridica “intrebari serioase”. Obama a facut apel la regimul de la Teheran sa “guverneze prin consens si nu prin forta”, facand referire la violentele din Iran, care s-au soldat cu moartea a cel putin 17 oameni, ranirea a 100 de persoane si incarcerarea altor sute de persoane. Puterea iraniana a exclus anularea alegerilor prezidentiale si a anuntat ca noul lider al tarii si guvernul sau vor fi investiti in functii intre 26 iulie si 19 august.

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